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F&W is proud to work alongside Cook Inlet Housing Authority to complete construction projects in Anchorage. We are always looking to hire Section 3 Residents in order to complete this work.

Section 3 Resident Criteria is as follows:

  1. Public housing resident; or
  2. Low and very-low income persons who live in the area where a HUD-assisted project is located and who have a household income that falls below HUD’s income limits.

*Individual has to meet at least two of the conditions below

    1. Cook Inlet Housing Authority Project Area – any persons within project zip code
    2. Low income limit – at or below $54,950 annually
    3. Very low income limit – at or below $34,900 annually

If you meet this criteria and are interested in working with us, please call our office at (907) 248-3666 and ask to speak to one of our Project Managers.