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F&W Construction
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F & W Contruction

Snow Removal Equipment Building

Juneau, Alaska

F & W Construction

Snow Removal Equipment Building

Juneau, Alaska

Kelsey Dock

Kelsey Dock Interpretive Center

Valdez, Alaska

Alaska Regional Hospital

Alaska Regional Imaging Alliance

Anchorage, Alaska

UAA Campus Bookstore Remodel

University of Alaska Anchorage, Bookstore

Anchorage, Alaska

F&W is proud to work alongside Cook Inlet Housing Authority to complete construction projects in Anchorage. We are always looking to hire Section 3 Residents in order to complete this work.

Section 3 Resident Criteria is as follows:

  1. Public housing resident; or
  2. Low and very-low income persons who live in the area where a HUD-assisted project is located and who have a household income that falls below HUD’s income limits.

*Individual has to meet at least two of the conditions below

    1. Cook Inlet Housing Authority Project Area – any persons within project zip code
    2. Low income limit – at or below $54,950 annually
    3. Very low income limit – at or below $34,900 annually

    If you meet this criteria and are interested in working with us, please call our office at (907) 248-3666 and ask to speak to one of our Project Managers.

    F&W has experience delivering projects across the state via design-build, bid-build and construction management/general contractor (CM/GC). F&W thrives in the collaborative environment and believes these platforms cultivate the most innovative and economical project approaches.

    Vertical Construction

    Our project management and field crews work closely together to provide wood, structural steel and pre-engineered metal building packages all over the state of Alaska.
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    Design Build & Construction Manager / General Constructor (CMGC)

    Our long history in Alaska has enabled us to create partnerships with a handful of select architects, engineers, suppliers, and vendors. This allows us to hand pick subject matter experts to ensure the project design and constructability is cost effective and efficient.
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    Structural Concrete

    Structural concrete work is second nature for our field crews. They have the experience necessary to ensure all of their concrete pours meet the quality standards set forth in the contract documents.
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    Tenant Improvement

    F&W has an in-house Tenant Improvement field crew, who works solely on these unique projects. F&W understands the challenges that come with working within occupied spaces, and that these spaces are often found in sensitive environments such as hospitals/medical facilities, schools, financial institutions, etc.
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    Resource Development

    F&W is an Alaskan company, made up of an Alaskan workforce, we are committed to helping build Alaska’s infrastructure. Our field crews have the necessary training including, MSHAW, OSHA, OSHA 40-HR HAZWOPER, and NSTC in order to comply with the required safety protocols.
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    Company History

    Big Al
    Al Wiederholt

    F&W Construction Company is a third generation Alaskan contractor started in 1958 by Ed Forsberg and Al Wiederholt.

    For over 50 years we have delivered construction services of the highest quality, economically, timely, and safely for public and private owners throughout Alaska.

    We are prepared everyday to deal with the challenges and tight schedules that short seasons and tough weather conditions bring.

    Whether a School in Anchorage or a mountain top facility accessible only by helicopter we have the experience to provide the Construction services successfully to our clients.


    F&W's clients are partners in the process. That's the way it began in 1958 and we continue to operate on that same basic principle today.

    Timeliness of Performance

    F&W Construction Company has never delivered a project late. Every member of the project team understands that our work is constructed on a schedule, and what that schedule is.

    Cost Control

    The majority of F&W's work is performed as "hard bid" or "guaranteed maximum price", we understand budgets and the importance of constructing a project on budget. We have considerable experience working with clients through the "value engineering process" where an alternate material or system is brought into the design process and reviewed by the team. This process can result in considerable savings to a projects schedule and cost.


    F&W recognizes a clients desire to procure construction services as quickly as possible and at the best final value. We believe that our relationship with our client is an integral part of this process. The most important asset that the contractor brings to this process is the experience of their key personnel. The average tenure of key personnel at F&W is 17 years.

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